Biodiversity Conservation Society Sarawak
Pertubuhan Konservasi Biodiversiti Sarawak

About us

BCSS is a newly-formed society, having held our first General Meeting in September 2008. We are registered in Malaysia under the Societies Act 1966, registered number 0427-04-15.

The main object of the society is:

"to promote the conservation of biodiversity, wildlife and wildlands, especially through scientific research, dissemination of information, training and education."

Although based in Sarawak, we can undertake activities anywhere in Malaysia or indeed anywhere in the world!

The current committee members are Jayl Langub (Chair), Michael Meredith (Vice-chair), Sylvia Ng (Secretary), Braken Tisen (Treasurer), Rambli Ahmad, Joshua Pandong and Jongkar Gringan. Ngumbang Juat is employed by BCSS as Project Executant for a gibbon project and he is also involved with training activities.

Our main activity is running training workshops in wildlife data analysis and study design. Details of future workshops are on our home page and past workshops are here.

The gibbon project was intended to test methods for estimating gibbon abundance based on gibbon calls and spatial capture-recapture analysis. The original methods did not work, and field work is on hold until new analytical methods can be developed.


Contact information: workshops - stats.bcss@gmail.com; secretary - kikiakriden@yahoo.co.uk

Registered address: 184, Lorong 4A6, Tabuan Laru, 93250 Kuching, Malaysia